Conservatory Faculty


Rick Cobb

Pastor of Music & Worship, Riverbend Community Church

Pastor Rick, who oversees all music ministries at Riverbend, is the pastoral adviser for the Conservatory. He also teaches voice, drums, guitar, saxophone, piano and clarinet for the Conservatory. He has served three other churches in a music capacity: Calvary Baptist in Bryan, Tex.; Samoset Baptist in Bradenton, Fla.; and Trinity Baptist in Memphis, Tenn. He has a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Florida State University and a Master of Music degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.


Pat Schaeffer

Director, Riverbend Conservatory of Music

Pat, who coordinates and administrates the Conservatory, has more than 40 years of music experience. She also serves as an instructor in piano for the Conservatory. A graduate of Arkansas State University, she began playing as church pianist at age 12 at Philadelphia Baptist Church in Jonesboro, Arkansas. She is a member of the Riverbend music staff and serves as a keyboardist and choir accompanist.


Marki Hargrave

A long-time keyboardist, Marki serves as an instructor in piano. She has served in several churches as organist, including Philadelphia Baptist Church in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and Ormond Beach First Baptist Church (now Riverbend Community Church).


Terri Hodge

A long-time member of Riverbend's Conservatory of Music, Terri serves as an instructor in piano and voice. She has been a church soloist for several years. She has a music degree from Arkansas State University.


Hilari Pletcher

Hilari serves the Conservatory as an instructor in piano and voice. She has been teaching music for several years. Hilari has a Bachelor in Music Education degree from Stetson University. She has served in three churches as a soloist and an accompanist.


Roland St. Gelais

Former director of the Conservatory, Roland now teaches trumpet, trombone, French horn, clarinet and flute. He teaches full-time in the Volusia County schools as an elementary music teacher. His educational background includes a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education from The Eastman School of Music.


Andrew Yancey

Andrew is an instructor of piano. He has been an accomplished keyboardist for several years. He played as a member of the touring Lovett Band and also was the keyboardist for Kanon, a national award-winning Christian music group. He is currently the head keyboardist at Riverbend Community Church. He also serves at Riverbend as music writer/arranger.


Rudi Registrato

Rudi is instructor in voice, guitar, bass and piano. He teaches only during the summer semester. His educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Education and Orff Schulwerk Certification (Levels I, II, III) from Hofstra University, Master of Arts in Educational Computing from State University of New York (Stonybrook) and Administrative Leadership Certification from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. Rudi also teaches computer studies at Keiser College and is on staff with the music ministry at Riverbend Community Church.