Single Purpose is Riverbend's ministry to single adults.


The aim of Single Purpose is that God would grant to Christian singles a biblical vision of singleness.

Quoting Riverbend Pastor of Singles Kenny St.John: "We purpose that this vision is rooted in the revelation that God has given of Himself in the Bible. We desire that this biblical vision of singleness give singles a deep understanding and appreciation of their own distinct personhood and all that He is for them in Jesus Christ. We pray that He will be magnified more and more in and through them as they offer His gift of singleness back to Him in a radical freedom from the way of the world."

Biblical Basis

1. Single Purpose desires that singles joyfully and passionately embrace the glory of God as the highest virtue of life.

1 Corinthians 10:31Matthew 6:33Romans 11:36

2. Single Purpose desires that singles pursue happiness in the cultivation of their faith and the extraordinary opportunity for single-minded investment in ministry for Christ.

Mark 12:29-312 Peter 1:5-81 Corinthians 7:32

3. Single Purpose desires that singles give a radical and joyful expression of the deep satisfaction of heart and soul that comes from knowing and loving God. With this satisfaction comes the desire to refuse to exchange the superior and eternal reward that is begun to be revealed in this life and completed in the life to come through a faith that triumphs and perseveres in works of love and worship for the suicidal and temporary enjoyment of sin.

2 Peter 3:10-13Romans 8:18

4. Single Purpose desires that singles who are parents bring their children up in the confidence that they are victorious participants in the triumphant cause of God in Jesus Christ. It includes the desire that their children humbly and joyfully accept the circumstances of their life as being a God-given opportunity to glorify Him and experience the wonderful, overflowing of sufficiency of heart and soul that comes with knowing God and loving Him above all else.

Psalm 78:5-7Proverbs 22:6Psalm 68:4-5

5. Single Purpose desires that singles love and appreciate those who are married and not be envious, that they would let this love for those married be expressed by praying for them and rejoicing that God has chosen to glorify Himself in keeping and blessing them.

Galatians 5:25-261 Corinthians 13:4-6

6. Single Purpose desires that singles carefully guard their thoughts and passions when tempted to view their lives in times of loneliness or suffering through sinful pity and doubt. Instead, the desire is they will fill their hearts and minds with prayer, Bible study, ministry and fellowship (as explained below).



... so that the presence, promises and power of God be real and secure their hearts and souls in confidence and joy.

Romans 10:17Colossians 3:162 Peter 4:3-4


... so that the Bible is the source of faith and hope that assures them of God's purpose in creating and redeeming them for His glory and their ever-increasing enjoyment of Him.

Romans 10:17Colossians 3:162 Peter 4:3-4



... so that their lives not be wasted in loneliness and sinful retrospection, but rather be filled with acts of good works to others that give joyful expression of their confidence in God and His sovereign care and purpose for their lives.

Matthew 5:161 Peter 2:12


... so that they would find strength, encouragement and hope in the company of other Christian singles who love God and desire to glorify Him in their lives as they do, and that this strength, encouragement and hope would provoke them to good works.Hebrews 10:251 Corinthians 15:33