An Identity Attack

Family is fighting an identity complex.

In a group of people, if you ask for a definition of family, you will get an assortment of answers.  Varied responses will continue to be the norm as long as the courts, the media, lobbyists and "rights" groups continue attempts to obliterate God's design of His most basic unity of life.

The family was the first of four institutions God created.  It came before the church, the government and business (the employer-employee relationship).

When God created the family, He gave it a specific design.  In total clarity, He described in His Word what the family is, what it is all about, how it is to function, etc.

Has He changed His mind?  Has he altered the family in any way?  Obviously, "No!"  Since His direct revelation to us—the Bible—never changed God's design, and since one of God's attributes is His immutability (He never changes), then man has sinned greatly in "playing God" and attempting to re-structure something the Lord has deemed sacred.

God will never accept any of man's substitutions or revisions to His design, which was already perfect when instituted.

Yet, man insists that he knows better.  Man has enacted laws that make it "legal" for a homosexual to marry another hnomosexual and for the two of them to raise children.  This is all under the guise of "relevancy in today's society" or "no longer being ruled by something as antiquated and obsolete as the Bible" or "it's all God's doings or He wouldn't have made me this way."

Sin, simply put, is anything that violates the character of God.  Certainly, these man-altered definitions of family violate Scripture.  Regardless of what man says, such a lifestyle is pure heresy.

Statistical archives are jammed with countless accounts of major problems created—not only in the family but also in society—by such a God-less lifestyle.

Our Creator established clearly the role of man and the role of woman in the family.  As God-fearing believers, we must not sit back and think someone else will stand up for God's truth about family.  To do so is to play into the agenda of those re-defining our culture toward the selfish cries of sinful men.

God hates sin, and we, as His chosen ones, are to hate what He hates.  Let's not become desensitized to this universal attack on family.  Let's fight to keep it God's way.

Pastor Jerry Schaeffer