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Mission Statement

The focus of the Great Commission is the making of disciples “in all nations” (Matt 28:19). The local church is called to be involved in mission work in a variety of ways. The church can be involved in sending out called men, financially supporting existing church plants, praying specifically for churches abroad, and the sending of church members to aide in encouraging, teaching, and sustaining other church plants.  

The church’s mission strategy must consider how the Gospel will be communicated to every tongue, tribe, and nation (Rev 7:9, Rom 10:14-15). The church should also consider how to support missions in both reached and unreached people groups.

The Bible teaches that no one will repent and place their faith in Christ without hearing the Gospel. This Biblical truth should compel every church to send and support people who will carry the Gospel message to the end of the earth. Riverbend is committed to being involved in the furthering of the Gospel of Christ to all the nations. Praise God for the privilege it is to share the Good News with a lost, dying world.

We support Missionaries in: